How would you like to be able to sell our DVDs and keep 100% of the profits? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. For a VERY limited time we are offering a few people the chance to purchase resell rights to our DVDs. You can purchase resell rights to just a few DVDs or our entire collection. You are able to sell them however you like (provided it is legal, of course) and for whatever price you decide on.

You will get a master copy of the resell rights DVDs you purchase along with all the legally required model release forms and IDs for each DVD. You will also receive a document stating you are receiving resell rights from us. As a bonus we will include a disc with still images taken from the videos as well as artwork for each video in PSD (Photoshop) and PNG formats.

Simply contact us with what DVDs you wish to purchase resell rights to (or if you want our entire collection) and we will get back to you ASAP with pricing.

We are only giving a few people this opportunity so as to not create competition for ourselves so ACT NOW before the opportunity is gone for good.


PS. You can even purchase a customized version of our website to sell your DVDs online. Contact us for more info.